Application Deadline: January 1

The complete application requirements are listed in the Graduate Studies Catalog for our program. Below are guidelines for several of the important aspects of your application.

Applicants must apply in one genre (poetry, creative nonfiction, or fiction), and may concentrate solely on the genre in which they applied or take workshops outside of their genre if space allows. We often offer multi-genre workshops.

The Statement of Background and Goals should be 300-1000 words. In the first sentence, identify the genre in which you are applying (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry). In the remainder of the narrative, show us a bit about your passion for your writing, your background in writing, influences on your writing (other writers, specific classes, professors, or books), extracurricular activities related to academia or writing, any publications you already have, why you intend to pursue graduate study at UCF, and what you hope to achieve in the program.

The Portfolio (or Writing Sample) should show us your best work in the genre you are applying. We like to see stories, essays, and poems that shows the sort of work you’re most excited about writing while in our program. Your sample should be free of mechanical errors. For prose, send up to 30 pages (double-spaced); for poetry send up to 15 pages (may be single-spaced).

Letters of Recommendation need to testify to the applicant’s ability to complete a graduate program. It is helpful if the recommender has an advanced degree, and we prefer at least one of the letters be from a professor who knows your work from undergraduate. However, any source able to describe the applicant’s work ethic, writing ability, and maturity will be helpful.

Only the GRE general test is required. We do not require a minimum score, but most successful applicants have a percentile Verbal score at the 66th rank or greater. We nominate two admitted applicants for one of the two Provost Fellowships, and these students are our most qualified applicants and those who score well on the GRE.

An applicant’s undergraduate degree does not have to be in English. However, your writing sample and statement of background and goals should indicate your readiness to engage at the graduate level. We expect beginning students will be able to contribute intelligently to the program and write highly effective stories, essays, or poems.

The UCF Graduate School limits the number of admitted students in any graduate program with an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0.

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