The basic requirements to apply to the LCT MA program may be found here.

The writing sample needs to accomplish two tasks. First, it functions as a sample of the applicant’s ability to communicate well in prose. Second, it should demonstrate a capacity to make an argument about a literary or cultural topic supported by research. In most cases, the writing sample will have originally been created for an undergraduate literature class, but this is not a requirement.

Letters of recommendation need to testify to the applicant’s ability to complete a graduate program. It is thus helpful if the recommender has an advanced degree. However, any source able to describe the applicant’s work ethic, writing ability, and maturity will be helpful.

Only the GRE general test is required. The Verbal score is of most interest to us. We do not maintain a minimum score, but most successful applicants have a percentile Verbal score at the 66th rank or greater.

The goal statement ideally should provide a narrative of the applicant’s progress and how a Master’s degree fits into this trajectory. In other words, tell us where you have been, where you are, and where you wish to go.

An applicant’s undergraduate degree does not have to be in English. Nonetheless, it is expected that beginning students will be able to contribute intelligently to the program and write competent graduate-level scholarship. Very few people are able to do this without a number of advanced undergraduate literature classes as preparation.

The UCF Graduate School severely limits the number of admitted students in any graduate program with an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0.